New Office

June 2024

What it’s like going from scrappy startup (bottom right) to the legit startup real estate brokerage and proptech company. Address Income is settling into the Museum Tower downtown Reno this week. Can’t be more proud of my team .

Lots of announcements coming soon on our space, growth, Reno real estate and technology!

Reno real estate agents I see you out there. We are recruiting and growing our brokerage! Want to call this home? Let’s meet for coffee!

How yo talk to Reno real estate investors

June 2024

Reno real estate agents, (or new agents) looking to step up your game with investors? You are invited to my investor workshop. Here's what's we got in store:

What you will learn:

1) Fresh insights on Reno's real estate trends for investors and aspiring home buyers

2) What are cap rates? What can investors expect? Whats the deal with multifamily in N. Nevada? Apartments Rents? All answered.

3) Talking points for investors to keep you ahead of the curve

4) The best part! Leave with the day's top home and multifmaily investment prospects, straight from our Address Income Analytics

My Credentials:

1) 14 years of blended experience in real estate investing for single family rentals and multifamily investments

2) Over 4 years single family home acquisitions working for institutuional investors

3) Over 9 years of experience as a multifamily agent

4) Expert in mass market analytics and underwriting to uncover the market's top potential investments

5) Founder of Address Income, Reno's most innovative real estate agency

Real estate agents and investors welcome! RSVP below and see you at our new location in downtown Reno.



June 2024

We’ve just launched ADDI, an AI-powered real estate investing chatbot connected to our backend analytics. Utilizing 74,045 data points and 96,635 calculations for 1,255 active single-family homes in Reno, ADDI identifies the best cash-flowing properties on the market. This makes it Reno’s most powerful real estate investing tool.

If you’re a real estate investor or enthusiast, we think you’ll find this incredibly exciting. If you’re interested in a demo, let us know!

We are thrilled to be pushing the boundaries of real estate investing with this innovative tool. Huge thanks to the AI Tech Team for making this dream a reality.

Welcome Valarie

June 2024

Valarie Jackson is thrilled to announce that she has joined the incredible team at Address Income as a real estate agent! 

She is specializing in assisting both in-state and out-of-state real estate investors, and she is very well prepared to help you navigate the dynamic Reno market and find the perfect investment opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio or just getting started, she will be dedicated to providing personalized, expert guidance every step of the way.

Let’s make your investment dreams a reality in the beautiful Reno area!

Celebrating 1 Year!

May 2024

Join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone at Address Income!

Today marks one year since our incredible Office Manager and Reno native, Emily Tellez joined our team. Emily's dedication, organizational skills, and positive energy have been instrumental in keeping our office running smoothly and our team motivated.

Thank you, Emily, for your hard work and commitment over the past year! Here's to many more successful years together. 

Welcome Nick

March 2024

Address Income proudly welcomes Nick Simone, who will specialize in relocation and investments of single-family homes within the Greater Reno Area.

With 3 years of real estate experience under his belt, Nick is eager to assist clients relocating to Reno or investing in the area.

We are confident that Nick will be a valuable asset to our team. His extensive experience in real estate relocation, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the local area, positions him to deliver a diversified and personalized experience for all his clients.

Nick is fully equipped to guide you through the complexities of the Reno market.

The Future is Female

March 2024

Our Office Manager Emily attended The Future is Female event hosted by Shivani Peterson. She learned about how to empower women to invest in real estate along with hearing other women's stories and how they built generational wealth through real estate investing. 

Investor Networking Event in Incline 

February 2024

Brad threw a real estate investor networking event in Incline Village. During the event he discussed investment strategies, market trends, and technology solutions. 

Mortgage & Mimosas

February 2024

Emily, Jake, and Brad attended Shivani's Mortgage & Mimosas event. They learned about a new program that All Western Mortgage is offering called HomeSimple. Contact us to learn more about how HomeSimple can help you purchase your next home. 

EDAWN 2024

February 2024

Trevor, Jake, and Brad attended EDAWN's "State of the Economy" which includes an economic update of the northern nevada area. 

AI's Tech Team

February 2024

Address Income has collaborated with the Wolf Pack STEM Career Studio at the University of Nevada, Reno, with the goal of diving deeper into investing into technology that advances real estate investing. Anthony Silva and Brandon Rowell joined the team and have begun building a machine learning rent algorithm to predict rental rates for different types of housing units, like houses and apartments. 

Reno Multifamily Report 

February 2024

The Reno Multifamily Report for Q4 of 2023 is out now! View full report here.

Three closing, three different investors, one week!

January 2024

It was fun celebrating THREE closings for different investors in Reno in one week! With a total of $1.472m in investor sales this week the closing shades were out for team Address Income.

Congrats to our clients for selecting some of the best single family home investments in the Reno market!

We have a strategy for selling tenant occupied properties!

January 2024 | By Brad Buxton

Selling a rental property with tenants can be challenging. You need to balance the rights and needs of your tenants with the goals and expectations of your buyers. How do you showcase your property’s potential without staging, flexible showings, or vacant possession? How do you attract buyers who are looking for investment opportunities, not just a place to live?

That’s where we come in. We are Address Income, a team of Realtors who are experts in selling tenant-occupied properties. We have a large network of qualified investors who are looking for properties like yours. We know how to market your property effectively, communicate with your tenants respectfully, and provide detailed analysis reports to potential buyers. We can help you sell your property faster, easier, and for a higher price.

If you are thinking of selling your rental property, contact us today for a free strategy session. We will show you how we can make the process smooth and stress-free for you, your tenants, and your buyers. Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your property to the 25% of buyers in the greater Reno area who are individual investors. 

Address Income's First Christmas

December 2023

Address Income celebrated their first Christmas together. Huge thank you to Trevor and his wife for hosting. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner followed by good drinks and fun games!

Open House

December 2023 

Amazing single-family home! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,971 sqft and built in 2005. Nestled in a desirable neighborhood with everything at your fingertips. Thank you to Tony Lyerly at RE/MAX Gold for allowing us to feature your listing at our open house.

Open House

December 2023

Stunning single-family home beckons! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, modern style, outdoor oasis. Nestled in a desirable neighborhood with everything at your fingertips. Thank you to Mark Hugret at Compass Realty for allowing us to feature your listing at our open house.

Open House

December 2023

The real estate market is constantly changing, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends. If you're a rental property owner struggling to rent your property in this crazy market, you're not alone.

As real estate investment agents at Address Income, we understand the unique challenges that rental property owners face. That's why we're offering an informal coffee meetup to help you get the insights you need to make informed decisions about your rental property. 

Jake Andronico's First Closing

November 2023

Congrats to Jake Andronico, Reno's single family investment agent on his first closing.

Jake has only had his real estate license for a couple months and landed his first transaction and successfully closed this month.

Address Income truly enjoys watching their agents grow and succeed, especially during this hectic market.

Address Income's First Open House

November 2023

A special thank you to Dickson Realty and Natalie Richardson for allowing us to host an open house at their featured listing.

Jake Andronico and Trevor Richardson hosted Address Income's very first open house. They are so excited to continue hosting open houses to highlight them as investment properties and bring in an entire new group of buyers and prospects.

Keep an eye out for future open houses!

Coffee and Insights

November 2023

Brad Buxton and Trevor Richardson host the first coffee and insights for real estate investors. 

They were able to sit down with Reno's local real estate investors and provide them special insights on the housing market, data trends, vacancy rates, rental rates, etc. 

The event was very successful and the Address Income team is so excited to continue sharing their knowledge with the Reno area.

Casual Coffee and Investing Coming Soon

October 2023

It's fun to develop new ideas to help Reno real estate investors.

We will be announcing Casual Coffee and Investing, where Reno real estate investors can meet with our single family or multifamily investment agents of Address Income to learn about the Reno investment market, rent trends, and the best investment opportunities in the market at that time.

During a coffee strategy session:

- Deep dive into Reno and N Nevada’s housing market and trends for single family and multifamily investments

- Best practices for investing in Reno and what you can expect

- Overview of everything required to analyze, purchase and manage investment properties. We have a gameplan for you!

- Total market analysis where we can show you the top single family opportunities or top multifamily properties, based on real time cash flow returns, available that day. 

- What’s the best investment property? We can actually answer that for you with our advanced analytics. 

- Demo of our investor tools developed at Address Income to help you analyze a real estate investment

AI Rent Map Video

October 2023

Reno, NV Rent Map for Real Estate Investors Are you a real estate investor looking for the best areas to invest in Reno, Nevada? 

Our rent map and analysis helps investors understand fundamentals of the Reno housing market. It is based on over 14,000 rental comps and shows you the average rent for different types of properties in different neighborhoods in Reno. This information can help you to make informed investment decisions and find the best rental properties for your portfolio.

Our rent map is easy to use and can viewed during a strategy session with one of our Reno based agents.

Investment Under Contract

October 2023

Jake Andronico, Address Income's first single family investment agent, has gotten his first single family investment property under contract! The property is currently under construction in North Reno and is set to be completed within the next 4 months. Jake is very excited to help his client begin building their investment portfolio starting with this property.

At Address Income, we provide our investor clients with the pertinent investment numbers and information they need to make informed decisions. We strive to help our clients build generational wealth through real estate investing.

Single Family Rental Average Cap Rates

September 2023

What are the average cap rates for Reno single family rentals?

Address Income, a real estate brokerage firm that uses Wall Street-level analysis to help investors make better investment decisions, has analyzed over 1,300 active single family homes in Reno, Nevada and found that the majority of homes cash flow around a 4% cap rate, with outliers in the 5s and even some at 6%.

A cap rate is a measure of a property's investment potential, calculated by dividing the property's net operating income (NOI) by its purchase price. A higher cap rate indicates a better investment, as it means the property is generating more income relative to its cost.

Address Income's findings suggest that Reno is a good market for real estate investors, as it offers the potential for strong cash flow returns. However, investors should be aware that cap rates can vary depending on a number of factors, including the property's location, condition, and amenities.

If you're interested in learning more about how Address Income can help you make better real estate investment decisions, visit  Address Income.

How Address Income can help you

Address Income offers a number of services to real estate investors, including:

If you're serious about real estate investing, Address Income is a valuable resource that can help you achieve your goals.

Blueprint 2023 Las Vegas

September 2023

The founders of Address Income Trevor Richardson and Chris Moton had a blast traveling down to Las Vegas for Blueprint 2023! The convention consisted of several proptech companies and start ups that all come together to teach each other about their businesses and passions. Trevor and Chris proudly represented Reno and Address Income at the largest proptech event in the U.S. 

The Future is Female

September 2023

Our Office Manager/Transaction Coordinator Emily Tellez attended Shivani Peterson's The Future is Female event for the first time! The event focuses on helping women become real estate investors. She had a blast connecting with Reno's female investors and teaching them about how Address Income also helps anyone invest in real estate.

Welcome Brad!

September 2023

Address Income, a leading provider of real estate investment property guidance, today announces the addition of Brad Buxton as a single family investment agent

Brad is new to the world of real estate but there is no doubt that he will provide a lot of value to the single family platform.

We at Address Income are very excited to welcome Brad as a single family investment agent in Reno. His expertise and experience will be a valuable asset to our clients as well as our team. 

Address Income includes a tailored and specialized full encompassing service for investors interested in the Reno area. With the addition of Brad, Address Income builds the single family investment platform that will be able to assist anyone who is interested in learning more about rental properties.

The single family investment team will be able to assist anyone who is interested in buying or selling a rental property, is in a 1031 exchange, or wants to evaluate income on any property in Northern Nevada. Our team is devoted to providing the best possible service to our clients. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Address Income can help.

Welcome Jake!

August 2023

Address Income, a leading provider of real estate investment property guidance, today announces the addition of Jake Andronico as their very first single family investment agent

Jake has been a rental property owner for over four years and purchased his first property at 22. He was able to “house hack” his way to roughly $1 mil in residential real estate by 25. 

Through the purchase of his own rental properties, he noticed a significant gap in the industry's in-depth knowledge of rents, analysis, and overall view of each property as a potential income producing asset. 

We at Address Income are very excited to welcome Jake as Reno’s first single family investment agent. His expertise and experience will be a valuable asset to our clients as well as our team. 

Address Income includes a tailored and specialized full encompassing service for investors interested in the Reno area. With the addition of Jake, Address Income launches the first single family investment agent that will be able to assist anyone who is interested in learning more about rental properties.

The single family investment team will be able to assist anyone who is interested in buying or selling a rental property, is in a 1031 exchange, or wants to evaluate income on any property in Northern Nevada. Our team is devoted to providing the best possible service to our clients. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Address Income can help.

Mortgage & Mimosas

August 2023

The AI team had the ability to join Shivani Peterson and her team at Mortgage & Mimosas. This is a wonderful event that Shivani and her team have put on for about 5 years now. We were so excited to attend the event!

Address Income Team Bonding

August 2023

The Address Income team takes on a day in South Lake Tahoe. Team bonding and activities are important to us here at Address Income and we love spending time with the team outside of the office space.

The Address Income Team Is Growing

July 2023

The Address Income team is growing! It's such privilege to work with this young team and new Reno startup brokerage. Starting a company is a dream come true in an industry I love. 

New team members Emily Tellez and Jake Andronico are on their way to making their names in Reno and real estate investing. 

Reno Duplex Sales

July 2023

Duplexes are a viable part of Address Income's small multifamily platform. They hold their value well and usually sell for a higher per unit price than other multifamily. They are also a great way to get started in real estate investing. Our duplex reporting is just part of our Reno Multifamily Report that helps investors stay informed on what is happening in the multifamily market. 

Address Income Press Release

June 2023

Address Income Launches Reno's First and Only Specialized Investment Brokerage for Multifamily and Single Family Investments

Reno, Nevada – [6/27/2023] – Address Income, a groundbreaking startup in Reno, announces the launch of the city's first and only investment brokerage dedicated to multifamily and single family investments. With a commitment to providing advanced tools, analytics, and comprehensive support, Address Income aims to become the go-to brokerage for real estate investors in the region.

For years, small multifamily and single family investors have struggled to make well-informed decisions due to a lack of information and guidance from a brokerage industry that is primarily focused on owner-occupied single family homes. Address Income was founded by Chris Moton and Trevor Richardson, both Reno locals, to address the sub-par representation in the investment world, which often leads to unnecessary risks, poor decisions, and increased stress.

"We saw a massive need for better services for smaller investors, and we knew we had to do something about it," said Chris Moton, Co-Founder of Address Income. "The tools we are providing are far more than what an investor would normally have access to." By specializing in multifamily and single family investments and leveraging advanced tools and analytics, Address Income aims to redefine Reno's real estate landscape. This innovative approach combines both asset classes into a single shop, offering investors a broader range of properties and investment opportunities.

To cater to investors with different buying goals, Address Income plans to feature three teams of agents: a single family investment team, a small multifamily team, and a large multifamily team. By offering dedicated services to each category, Address Income ensures that investors receive specialized representation, information, and guidance tailored to their unique needs.

The single family investment team will provide Reno's first and only service dedicated to single family investors. According to a recent study by Corelogic in 2022, single family investors purchased an estimated 25% of all single family transactions nationwide. What is remarkable is that only around 20% of those went to large investors who own more than 100 units. Small investors, those who own less than 10 units make up 48% of all investor purchases, while midsize investors make up around 35%.

"It's amazing to me that single-family investors are the largest real estate investment group in the country, and they don’t have an investment brokerage to help them. That’s why we’re excited to add a service to help all these small investors who don’t have a qualified investment agent on their side." said Trevor Richardson, Co-founder at Address Income. Address Income distinguishes itself by providing a cutting-edge process that includes tools and planning to revolutionize the investment search for its clients. Through their comprehensive analysis, the Address Income team can evaluate virtually every single family and multifamily property on the market, offering investors invaluable insights into cash flow, financing, cap rates, and different investing scenarios. Using market rental rates, clients can simply see the projected monthly income for any available property on the market after all expenses and financing are calculated. 

"Our process uses the same advanced analysis that institutional investors use to find the best real estate deals. But instead of keeping this analysis to ourselves, we share it with all of our clients. So if you're a real estate investor who wants to see the market like the big guys do, that’s what we are providing." added Trevor Richardson.

Address Income's mission is to make investing more accessible and user-friendly for investors at all levels. Recognizing that many individuals want to invest but feel overwhelmed by where to start, especially in real estate, the brokerage aims to provide personalized advice, guidance, and customized information on unit mix, rental rates, and cash flow.

"Our priority is always our clients' success by giving them the proper tools and technology. With Address Income, investors can make well-informed investment decisions and reclaim their valuable time to indulge in activities they truly enjoy," said Chris Moton.

For more information about Address Income and the exciting opportunities they offer, please visit their website at

About Address Income: Address Income is an innovative real estate investment brokerage that combines multifamily and single family investments into one comprehensive service offering advanced analysis, tools and technology to individuals and institutional clients.

Investor Purchasing Percentage

June 2023

Single family investors are a prominent force in the real estate market. As of 2023, about 27% of single-family transactions in the United States were real estate investors. This is a significant increase from previous years, and it is likely to continue to grow in the future.

These single family investors are underserved by the broker industry. We are so excited to enter into this market niche with Address Income and help these investors with the unique opportunity to generate passive income and build wealth through single family rental properties.

Rental Rates Update

June 2023

The apartment rental market in Reno/Sparks leveled off in the first quarter of 2023. For 80+ unit properties, average rental rates increased by $19 per month to $1,644, but this is only $10 more than Q1 last year. Overall vacancy decreased to 2.66% since the last quarter of 2022. This is due to a combination of factors: increased interest rates have made it more difficult to purchase a home, new renters continue to enter the market and job growth. Employment levels in the Reno and Sparks metropolitan statistical area (MSA) are still above pre-pandemic levels and appear to be able to hold strong through 2023. 

Interest Rates Update

May 2023

Reno investors are finding it difficult to keep up with interest rates and the lending market. Our goal is to provide regular updates to arm them with the information they need to make the best decision possible. Reach out to us at Address Income for your Northern Nevada investment needs.

Residential (Single Family and Multifamily up to 4 units)

On average, we are seeing rates 0.75% higher than owner-occupied loans. Right now, rates are ranging between 6.49% to 7.625% and the average LTV is 75%. Lenders are tightening their standards but doing their best to uphold guidelines that are good for lending and the future financial health of homeowners and investors alike. Experienced investors are still seeking good deals on properties as they know there will always be a market for rentals.

Commercial (5+ units)

Overall, there are still solid opportunities for commercial multifamily financing (5+ units). Agency loans (Freddie and Fannie) are still the most competitive as they will underwrite to market cap rates. Rates range in the low 5s to low 6s, but only for $1M+. Life Insurance companies will lend competitively with agency but tend to be more conservative with their underwriting. Their spreads tend to be better, but generally can’t get to the same loan proceeds as Agency if you are looking for higher leverage. Banks are selectively lending and tend to require a large depository relationship for investor loans as a result of the balancing act that comes along with their balance sheet, market uncertainty and increased cost of funds. Local banks that quote over prime are in the 8%+ range. Regional banks are lending in the 5.75% to 7.25% range depending on LTV and deposit relationship.

Welcome Emily!

May 2023

We are excited to announce our new transaction Coordinator/ Office Manager, Emily Tellez, to the team at Address Income! While Emily is new to the world of real estate, she brings a diverse set of skills and experiences that make her a valuable addition to our team. 

We are confident that Emily's skills, passion, and dedication will help us to achieve great success as a company, and we look forward to working with her to accomplish our goals. Please join us in welcoming Emily 

Tellez to the team!