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Single Family Investments

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"Real estate investors deserve dedicated brokerage services"

Having been a single family investor for years, I understand what’s missing in the industry. When I was searching for investment properties, it felt like putting a puzzle together with mismatched pieces. Rent data, market trends, property analysis - it was all scattered in different areas.

Address Income isn't just investor friendly, it’s investor focused, and provides all of this information for Single Family AND Small Multifamily in one place.

My Bio

Born and raised on the West Coast, my love for the great outdoors is as ingrained in me as my passion for real estate. When I’m not casting for 20 lb. trout, conquering a trail, or scouting the latest gear, there’s a good chance I’m analyzing a property. 

My family's history with real estate runs deep. My grandfather attended his first real estate seminar in the 1960s, and my parents embarked on their investment journey in their 40s. Their wise decisions paved the way for my mom's early retirement and my dad's transition to part-time work only about 10 years later. 

During my time at UCSB, the allure of real estate became undeniable. The more I immersed myself in podcasts, books, and videos, the clearer the path became. By my junior year, I was already strategizing on how to own property straight out of college. And by 22, I proudly held the keys to my first property.

Upon relocating to Reno in 2019, I embraced the "house hacking" strategy. Living in one room and renting out the others to UNR students, I had virtually no housing expense. My dedication to saving through minimalism, combined with my job at the Ritz-Carlton and a side hustle flipping electronics on eBay, allowed me to save $45K in just over a year. This discipline led to a second property and another successful house hack.

Today, I'm proud to say that in just four years, I've secured two single family assets with a combined value of roughly $1mil that consistently generate monthly income, reduce principal, and are slowly continuing to build equity.

So, why Address Income? 

After witnessing firsthand the transformative power of real estate, I was eager to join a team that empowers investors to make informed decisions based on data. 

Through the purchases of my own rental properties, I noticed a significant gap in the industry's in-depth knowledge of rents, analysis, and overall view of each property as a potential income producing asset. 

Discovering Trevor's profound expertise in the multifamily realm, coupled with their meticulous approach to analysis mirroring some of the largest single family home owners in the Nation, I felt an immediate and strong draw.

Together with the confidence of institutional grade data and property analysis, let's turn your real estate dreams into reality.


Bachelor's in Communication from University of Santa Barbra (UCSB)

Outside Work Interests



Content Creation


Creating a passive income



1 year 7 mo at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC

1 year 5 mo Senior Investor Relations Advisor