Brad Buxton

Real Estate Agent 

Single Family Investments

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"As a straightforward problem solver that takes thoughtful initiative that will educate and guide you on your property investment journey. "

My Bio

I’m a CalPoly Forestry and GIS grad and San Luis Obispo transplant, living in Incline Village with my wife and border collie named Broccoli. We love it up here in the mountains! I’ve been mountain biking in the summers followed by my ever energetic dog Broccoli. In winter I ski and snowboard mostly at Diamond Peak or Mt Rose with occasional cross country excursions. I’ll never miss an opportunity to go camping and play a bit of campfire guitar. I’ll also play a round or two of golf or cards depending on the weather.  Watching some sports? Count me in!  

After buying our first investment property in Incline Village, I realized this was a great path to building financial security.

I never felt comfortable in the stock market as a good place to build wealth. How do you make a million dollars in the stock market? Start with a million dollars. This is why I was drawn to real estate after buying our first property.  I am very data driven and believe that real estate should be based on numbers and value.  I wanted to learn more and got started by taking real estate classes to learn the ins and outs of the industry and not really expecting to become an agent. This all changed when I found address income and my entire perspective changed on the industry. This is where I saw an expanse of opportunity to educate and guide others on their property investment journeys.  

I'm a straightforward and thoughtful problem solver person who loves a good challenge. It all comes down to communication and listening, and I'm always willing to go the extra mile to get it done whether on the race track or for clients.

I'm not like other real estate agents who are only interested in making a quick buck. I'm here to help you achieve your financial goals, and I'm committed to providing you with the best possible service.


Bachelor's of Science from CalPoly San Luis Obispo

Outside Work Interests

Mountain Biking



Cycle cross Racing




10 years of customer service

10 years of business development