Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you represent?

Address Income represents it's clients. Buyers and sellers of multifamily and single family investment properties. We are a real estate brokerage similar to traditional "residential" or "commercial" brokerage. We combine the two and consider ourselves an "investment" brokerage.

Is Address Income an investor that buys property for its own benefit?

No. Address Income does not compete with its clients. We are a real estate brokerage where our priority is our clients success. 

Are you "commercial" or "residential"?

Both. We assist multifamily investors like a commercial brokerage and like a typical residential brokerage we help clients buy and sell single family homes but only for investment purposes. That is, we don't help someone looking to buy a home to live in. We like "investment" brokerage to describe our services. We focus on investment properties where people live. 

What markets have Address Income?

At this time we currently serve Reno/Sparks and Northern Nevada.