Innovate the way investors search for home investments

Reno's first and only, ai home investing bot under development in Reno, NV

We are thrilled to unveil Project ADDI - the first-of-its-kind AI chatbot designed exclusively for home investors.

In a world where making informed investment decisions quickly is crucial, ADDI is here to revolutionize the way you research and invest in real estate. Developed by the innovative minds at Address Income in Reno, Nevada, ADDI leverages cutting-edge AI technology to provide instant, data-driven insights tailored to your investment needs. 

We will be making more announcements in the coming months and unveiling it when it becomes live. ADDI will be available exclusively for Address Income's clients and its agents. 

What will ADDI do?

Change the way real estate investors search for investments

At Address Income, we believe in empowering investors with the tools they need to succeed. Project ADDI is more than just a chatbot; it's your personal real estate investment assistant

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