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Co-Founder, Broker

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"I add exceptional value to investor portfolios through expert understanding of the Nevada Multifamily Market, focused use of data and technology, and absolute dedication to our client’s interests"

My bio

I’ve lived in Nevada since 2013, and I love it here. The quality of life is outstanding, and the people are energetic and friendly.  When I am not working with clients, I am with my family, enjoying the outdoor adventures the area provides and celebrating the vibrant Reno culture and Midtown scene. The opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the Nevada real estate market as it is taking off has been tremendously valuable and exciting.

From my point of view, Real estate is still the most reliable investment on the market. I cannot think of another that offers such comprehensive benefits in terms of cash flow, appreciation, leverage and principal reduction, depreciation, and other tax savings. In addition, multifamily and single family are by far my favorite because of the stability offered over other asset classes. 

Years ago, I started investing with a group of fellow veterans in single family homes in several markets in the U.S. We’ve since expanded our portfolio to multifamily, commercial properties, and new construction loans. Sharing our successes and guiding others to that same end has been extremely rewarding. I take helping others in their business and financial pursuits very seriously. Whether helping a new investor search for their first property or a seasoned professional with investor interests in mind, I get a true sense of accomplishment from developing and executing a well-designed strategy toward their financial security and advancement.  In the end, it’s about providing our clients a better life and lifestyle for themselves, their families, and their investors.

Before starting in real estate I served 10 years on active duty with the U.S. Navy as an officer and a helicopter and multi-engine aircraft pilot. Now an active reservist, I recently returned from a deployment in support of Operation Inherent Resolve as an Aviation Operations officer. The military helped shape my worldview and character and reinforced values such as commitment, hard work, and the effectiveness of small teams. But if I had to choose one quality I found to be absolutely crucial to my success and carries over entirely to the real estate profession, it would be integrity. Without integrity, you have nothing.

After the military, I spent a short period in technology as a software developer and business intelligence engineer. My time in the tech industry was eye-opening. Two lessons from that experience stand out: 

Address Income is the best in the business, and there is nowhere I would rather be. No other team is as technology-driven or focused. Focus brings the most value to our clients and the market, and I’m as proud of what we do not do as I am of what we do. We are not involved in a fund that invests in Nevada and competes with our clients. We do not do leases or property management. We do not work in retail, industrial, or any other asset class but Multifamily and Single Family Investment Sales.

I look forward to working with you.


B.S. in Computer Science from UCLA.

MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management focusing on urban real estate investment and entrepreneurship.


10 years experience in real estate investment.

5 Years of experience in investment real estate brokerage.

Outside Work Interests


Kids Soccer


Trying to fish

Mountain Biking