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Address Income is an innovative real estate investment brokerage that combines multifamily and single family investments into one comprehensive service offering advanced analysis, tools and technology to individuals and institutional clients.

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Address Income's leadership team includes a combined 15 years of experience in real estate investing, solely focused in multifamily and single family assets. Our team is dedicated to delivering results and maximizing returns for our clients, and this extensive experience is a testament to our commitment to excellence in all aspects of real estate investing. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, you can trust Address Income to be your partner in success.

11 years

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4 Years

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It's simple, apartment and home investors

As the first and only real estate brokerage in Reno to focus exclusively on multifamily and single family investments, we are proud to offer a specialized and personalized service to our clients.

A search process tailored for multifamily

Searching for the right investment doesn't need to be challenging. With our advanced tools and experience, we are able to narrow your focus and help you reach your investment goals with ease. 

Interview us for your listing

When it comes to selling multifamily properties, it's essential to have a marketing strategy that goes beyond just listing photos and flyers.  

Your rental home investment agent

Are you working with a real estate investment agent? When it comes to rental home investments, it's important to work with an agent who has the tools and focus for this unique investment asset. 

Owners, you can sell now

As a single family rental owner, you may want to sell your property, but the process can be challenging when tenants are still living there. That's why we're excited to offer a listing program specifically designed for owners like you.

What makes us different

We provide real estate analysis

There is a lot that makes us different. Below is just a preview of the tools and analysis we provide for you. 

Total Market Analysis

What is total market analysis? The ability to analyze the entire market, quickly assessing hundreds of multifamily properties and single family rentals homes on the market to identify the best investment opportunities available. Institutional investors "Wall Street" take the same approach. They use big data to analyze the entire market and pick the best investments. Instead of using it for ourselves, we provide it to you, our clients. 

Investment Property Analysis Reports

Reveal the numbers so you can see your investment goals

Our platform streamlines the process of acquiring investment properties by aggregating relevant market data, including rental rates, expenses, trends, and available properties for sale. This provides our clients with real-time information to help them make informed decisions and identify the best available properties on any given day, just like institutional investors.

Additionally, we offer individual property analysis reports for multifamily or single family properties, on or off market. Our advanced modeling system is capable of analyzing hundreds of properties per week.

Ask us for an analysis

Ask us for a property analysis or valuation of any property on or off-market

It starts with market leading data

Stay ahead of the trends

Address Income gathers essential data from multiple sources to produce monthly and quarterly reports on Reno's multifamily sales, apartment rentals, and single family rentals, giving a comprehensive view of the market. This research provides investors with the vital information they need to make informed and strategic investment decisions.

Avg. Rent (All Rental Inventory) - Reno

Includes all multifamily apartments, single family homes, condos and townhomes

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